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Business Class New Curriculum – CSOB

Become a Cloud Security Consultant and provide services to small and midsize businesses to get paid top dollars.

Business Class Overview

In the last four years since we started the CloudticiansOrg Free AWS and Microsoft Azure Hands-on Training, we have produced massive success amongst the students we have trained, running into several millions of dollars quantitatively. We introduced the Cloudticians Business Class/Training since the 4th Generation at the Cloudticians to grow and groom entrepreneurs. We provided valuable information that helped students who participated start businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Nigeria, to name a few.

Since the Fourth Generation, we have helped thousands of students from around the world register their businesses for free. 

We recently concluded the first edition of the Cloudticians Elite Business Training. We saw over 80 new business owners inducted into the hall of business fame in areas such as Product white labeling (Alkaline water, Energy drinks, Beverages), Software white labeling, e-Commerce in retail, and Cloud Security and Vulnerability Management Consulting business.

We partnered with developers, corporate kit designers, and User Interface/User Experience designers who provide their services at discounted prices. We built a custom website using the Php language, CakePhp, for the code front and backend. Here are samples of some of the websites we have developed for other students:

HartStrand Inc 

VantyAdams Inc

Although starting a Business in the United States is pricey, our approach has made it straightforward as ABCD.

NOTE: This training costs $8,000; we are discounting $4,000 off the first 50 students to $4,000 in two installments. A non-refundable payment of $3000 must be paid to register for the Business Training and $1000 after your business website goes live on (DocuSign Legal Agreement will be drafted and sent to you). Note: We no longer accept PayPal due to Fraud.


The following is what we provide or include in your business package:

U.S Government Contracting Registration

This allows you to bid and register as Subcontractor under a U.S Major/ Prime Contractor with an existing contract vehicle to solicit contracts to gain Govt contracting experience. After you become an approved Govt contractor, your company can bid for multiple contracts outside of information technology and within the Information Technology space.

Employer Identification Number (EIN – IRS.Gov)

IRS Employer Identification Number acts as the Social Security Number of your business, every business stands classified as an entity on its own, which means your business is independent of you, this is obtained for your business before we register your business or after we register your business free of charge from the IRS Website.

Duns Number (DnB.Com)

Dun and Bradstreet, popularly referred to as DUNS Number, is one of the significant Business credit bureaus in the United States and Canada, it issues a unique number called the Duns Number to your business after it has been registered by providing proof of business address that comes with your EIN Confirmation letter in a submitted application on their website

Unique Entity Identifier (UEID – Sam.Gov)

This acts similarly to DUNS Number since the U.S Govt recently introduced it to replace the DUNS number they previously relied on to accept businesses into the Govt coffers, but it’s designated for a U.S Govt contract; it will be issued after applying

Business Name Branding

The CloudticiansOrg is the number one spot for Branding, we have crafted names like “Cloudticians,” “CloudFift,” “HartStrand,” Timbo,” “JackFosa,” “Vandio,” “EssenFord,” VantyAdams,” and thousands more. We come up with names that would represent your consulting business to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Deloitte, Slalom, Bain and Company, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, BT, etc. We are future thinkers, and we don’t entertain mediocrity, period!

You will be the next in our creative process, and we will come up with a top brand name for you as part of our business class package, all included; you won’t have to sweat it!

Capability Statement

Capability Statements is your Business Resume, a beautifully designed document that summarizes all your business offerings. It’s multi-purpose driven and the first piece of information you send out to a Govt designated contractor resource to alert them of your service offering in a single plane of glass; we take care of it for you as part of your business cost.

Branding/Corporate Identity

Your Branding and corporate identity are the representation of your business name, and it contains your selected business name from us and the following other items:

What’s inside the Corporate Identity Design Kit?

Logo Design, Branded Letterhead, Executive Business Card, Branded Envelopes, Branded Files/Folders, Flyers, ID Cards, Branded Brochures,

Branded Pen, Notepad, Email Signature, Social Media Banners (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Instagram,,

Business Social Media Account Setup

We will help you set up your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Instagram,, and social media accounts to ensure it follows our branding guidelines. We are getting you the necessary visibility your business requires.

Freelance Resources

We provide contacts of content writers, logo designers, and brand identity designers and teach you how to navigate, and to gain access to highly skilled freelancers that can help you to grow your business.

Virtual Address In D.C. or Virginia 3 Months Free.

(Virtual Address helps you stand out in your business, it provides privacy and a great professional outlook, we don’t advise our students to use their home address except in specific situations, using your home address is optional, and if your address is looked up, customers may cast doubt on your professional packaging. As part of your package, we provide you with three months of virtual address usage included and a one-time setup fee of $150 from the best virtual address provider in the United States: – Here is a sample address in the State of Virginia:

Email Marketing Template

We will provide you with several Marketing Email templates that would allow you to send out thousands of emails to potential buyers via cold email outreach to targeted business leaders and owners’ email lists, leveraging,, and others.

Microsoft Office365 Business Emails: Free For 1yr 4 Months.

Business emails at are a great way to stand out, the company you currently work for, if you are an employee of any corporation, has to issue you an email at We help you setup up / Microsoft Office365, and you can use the free trial offer for up to 16 months before you start paying. Guess what? A great way to cut down business expenses as a start-up.

Business Name Incorporation in D.C or Virginia:

As part of your business package, we will register your company for you, which costs $125 to $155one time setup fee depending on the state “D.C. or Virginia.


GoDaddy Domain Names

No one in the world would know you exist if you don’t have a domain name, we will buy three primary domain name extensions for you, which includes .com, .net, and .org domains for up to two years.

Estonia Virtual Schengen Resident

In 2014, Estonia was the first country in the world that launch its e-Residency program to fulfill its ambition of creating a borderless digital society for global citizens.

The program provides holders of e-Residency with a transnational digital identity. This identity allows them access to a platform built on inclusion, legitimacy, and transparency. E-residents also have access to the European Union business environment and can use Estonian public e-services.

People from across the globe choose to become e-residents to start and run a trustworthy, location-independent EU company online with all the tools needed to conduct business worldwide, entirely online. We apply to this program for you, it costs $125, and it’s part of your package to give you that Global expansion progress. Read more on:

Blumberg Corporate Kit

Blumberg Corporate Kit includes a stock certificate, a way to sell shares in your company, and an engrossed stamp with your company name, see Blumberg website for the samples:

Statement of Work (SOW)

(Statement of work is a document designed for business-to-business agreement on the scope of work a company would be carrying out for the other company to avoid blames and liability suits. It contains the number of hours your business will sell to the other business, delivery time, etc. As part of your business package, we will provide you with more than just a template to get you ready from Day 1).

Stock Videos for Your Website

We pull out 4 to 8K quality stock videos from websites such as,, and to produce videos with great scenes for your business website, top and bottom banner page – Just like

Custom Website (Cloning, Video Deployment, Code Cleanup, Logo Deployment, TLS/SSL, Custom Design to Suit.

We will be cloning this exact website, or, and make a few tweaks to the website to customize it to your specific brand, included in the process is TLS – Transportation Layer Security to encrypt all website traffic.

Side Note on the website: The total value of the custom website we clone is $10,000 U.S.

AWS Activate Founder Program

In addition to everything we have listed above, we understand it would be expensive to run a website of this magnitude, so we came up with a plan to help our students apply for the AWS Activate Founders Program for an approved credit of 10,000 dollars to help you pay for the hosting of your website on, this will, in turn, keep your website hosting running for more than seven years without spending a dime to host your website.

Note: The website Is Not WordPress but Has Content Management System – CMS that will enable you to manage your website, change content, upgrade content, change pictures, update new blog posts.

Targeted Customers

We will provide 500 leads from and DnBHoovers: and help you source for a sales/marketing freelancers that will help you set up an appointment with some of the leads we provide you. The leads we provide come with “Intent-to-buy,” which means the customers were looking into buying solutions like Cloud Security, Cloud Migration, and Cloud Infrastructure services.

We have a track record for excellence, and you can trust us with your future.

Our business class sessions run for 3 – 4 weeks, and during this time, we will teach you how to land your first deal, consult the practical hands-on approach and in-depth information on other business opportunities.

After completing the 4 weeks of Business Class, we will transition you to our Business Network on Telegram to meet other business owners on this entrepreneurial journey.

Are you interested in one of our upcoming business classes? Click Here to register today.

Generation Training
Business Owners
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Cloud Partner Networks

In Addition to all of these:

We will be providing free training on – – Guaranteed to earn a minimum of $300 dollars daily after 6 weeks of Training. We will show you the winning strategy to trade daily and add you to our Cloudticians Investment / Investors Group to meet other Day Traders and upcoming Investors. You can’t pass this up, this offer makes up for your business investment.

About Pocket Option – PocketOption is a regulated Broker that provides Binary Options Trade. It’s highly risky and volatile. At the Cloudticians Business Training, we consider financial trading instruments opportunities as an alternative source of income.

Bonus 2: We will help you setup a drop shipping business in one or more hot categories: Furniture Sales, Retail in Clothing, Retail in Electronics.

(2nd Generation Training)

DATE: Feb 27th – March 29th 2023

Click here to download the PDF Version:

Week 1.
02/27 - 03/01
  • Introduction to Cloud Security Consulting
  • Why Customers buy IT or Cloud Services
  • How to determine your hourly rates
  • The Big Picture (End game of your Cloud Security Service
  • How to create your cloud service offering
  • Selling your Cloud services to a customer
  • Crafting a Business Delivery Model
  • Building your business credit from zero to 90 (A+ Rating) in
    2 months.
  • Applying for Net30, Net20, and Net60 Accounts to
    strategically develop your Business credit.
  • Understanding the Cloud Consulting Landscape
  • Getting your first customer
  • Retaining your customer
  • Gaining customer trust
  • Retaining Customer trust
  • Business Development Model
  • How to sell your Cloud service offerings to the U.S Govt
  • Marketing 3rd Party Products (Vendor Offerings)
  • Understanding your business expenses
  • Contract Portal registration
  • Creating your Elevator Pitch for your business
  • Going business green, the green initiative
  • Exploring affordable business insurance and why you need to have them.
  • Delivering on your promise (Meeting customer's expectations) - How to and why you need to
03/06 - 03/08
  • Becoming a Network Partner with Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, and Google Cloud.
  • Actualizing your Partner Objective
  • Qualifying for the Cloud Partner Incentive to drive more sales and opportunity.
  • How to Qualify the AWS Partner opportunity for new business opportunities.
  • Fulfilling the Cloud Provider Partner requirements.
  • Using AWS, GCP, Microsoft, and Alibaba Partnership portals to generate new customers.
  • How to attend new customer meetings
  • Developing the required mindset as a consultant
  • Identifying strategic networking events to accelerate your business growth.
  • Applying the POCD (People, Opportunity, Context, Deal) framework
  • Re-imaging your funds for marketing, development, and expansion.
  • Packaging your Business Service to offer a virtual catalog with the right content in the right way.
  • How to provision AWS Accounts using AWS designated 3rd Party for your customer.
  • Folder, File Management, and Organization.
  • Password Management
  • Encryption as a practice and how to encrypt important communication and customer transactions.
  • Getting a virtual Business Phone number
  • Setting up a professional voice-over business call recording
  • Getting an 1800-Number for your business
  • Setting up an affordable legal team for your business
  • Developing your Capability Statement
  • Opening a Business Bank Account - Hack on getting NavyFederal Bank Acct.
  • Starting a secured Business Credit Card
  • Managing Invoice and bookkeeping subscriptions
03/13 - 03/15
  • Hiring cheap Labor Offshore and Nearshore
  • How to grow your Business LinkedIn Profile (Hands-on)
  • European expansion plan (Hands-on Practical)
  • Sourcing business customers in Europe
  • Introduction to Vulnerability Management Consulting
  • Getting the Vulnerability Management Scanner Licenses (Negotiated Deal - Hands-on Practical)
  • Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and ZohoCRM Customer Relationship Management Setup and Development
  • Customer Support system setup (Ticketing System and Services; FreshServices).
  • Working with customers while consulting with them.
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Defining Customer Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Brand Deep Visibility (The Art of being found by a search engine - Blog Content Development).
  • Creating Cloud Security and VTM articles using Artificial Intelligence and Matching your blog post or article with the right stock images.
  • Developing Article strategic article content to stay relevant
  • Exploring for stock images and galleries.
  • Developing Business Emotional Intelligence.
  • Business Emotional Maturity and Integrity.
  • Developing a business case study for your website from AWS Case Studies
  • Developing a Data Migration Plan
  • Developing an Application Migration Plan
  • How to stay hot and relevant in your business and tech game
  • Creating a WikiHow or Knowledge Base Wiki (Intranet) for your business
  • Introduction to Product development (Technology and Retail Products).
  • Introduction to Product and Name Branding (How to create a brand from the ground up).
  • Developing an actual product and moving it to Amazon 
  • Designing a product package
  • How to build your Mobile and Web Application (Hands-on Step-by-Step guide).
  • The process of User Interface and User Experience design (Process of creating a Design for your ideas in Mobile and Web Applications).
  • How to own a mobile and web app for any business.
03/20 - 03/22
  • How to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for any technology idea.
  • How to build a Mobile App Game (Step-by-step guide).
  • Starting a side hustle, turn a custom T-shirt business into a money maker from your bedroom.
  • How to select a product to run with
  • Understanding product shelf life, product reasons, and seasons.
  • Learn how to launch any product idea into life.
  • Understand the difference between Legacy Ideas, emotional and seasonal ideas, and when to work on them.
  • Developing the right Business Mindset
  • Critical Business thinking and strategies.
  • Reviews and wrapping up the class.
  • Reviews and closing remarks
03/27 - 03/29
  • Business reviews

  • Extra help and success checking