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Fresh Start

A New Generation of Computer Experts!

Recognizing that the core Cloudticians Org. courses are advanced and require at least the basic knowledge of IT essentials, we have put together a starter pack to share basic computer skills. This starter pack will bridge the gap between the lack of basic IT Knowledge and our requirements for our cloud-based courses.

This starter pack course is a core part of The Cloudticians Org. program. It solely focuses on ensuring that individuals can perform the primary computer tasks and are well prepared for the next level of our training.

The startup pack curriculum covers the basic use of computers, managing files, word processing, email set-up and usage, creating spreadsheets and presentations, and efficiently search for information online.

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1. Get Started

Start your journey into the world of cloud by getting started with the basics of using a computer system.

2. Understand why you need to have this:

For people who are not exactly familiar with computer software and hardware, this is necessary as it would guarantee a better transition into our other courses.

3. Real-time practices:

Get to practice the things you’ve learned using computer programs like word processing software, spreadsheets, and even email applications. Note: Having these skills are necessary as they come in handy and help you navigate through our advanced courses

4. Get ready for our advanced courses

Now that you have finished your training, it’s time to enroll for our other courses at the Cloudticians.

Start your career on a great note

It is essential to take your growth journey one step at a time, and the Starter Pack program is the first step in the direction of a great IT career. It would take you through the basics of IT and how to use a computer system efficiently. 

What would you learn?

THE CLOUDTICIANS FRESH START (2nd Generation Training)

DATE: May 19th – June 9th 2022

Week 1.
02/27 - 03/01
  • Introduction to Cloud Security Consulting
  • Why Customers buy IT or Cloud Services
  • How to determine your hourly rates
  • The Big Picture (End game of your Cloud Security Service
  • How to create your cloud service offering
  • Selling your Cloud services to a customer
  • Crafting a Business Delivery Model
  • Building your business credit from zero to 90 (A+ Rating) in
    2 months.
  • Applying for Net30, Net20, and Net60 Accounts to
    strategically develop your Business credit.
  • Understanding the Cloud Consulting Landscape
  • Getting your first customer
  • Retaining your customer
  • Gaining customer trust
  • Retaining Customer trust
  • Business Development Model
  • How to sell your Cloud service offerings to the U.S Govt
  • Marketing 3rd Party Products (Vendor Offerings)
  • Understanding your business expenses
  • Contract Portal registration
  • Creating your Elevator Pitch for your business
  • Going business green, the green initiative
  • Exploring affordable business insurance and why you need to have them.
  • Delivering on your promise (Meeting customer's expectations) - How to and why you need to
03/06 - 03/08
  • Becoming a Network Partner with Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, and Google Cloud.
  • Actualizing your Partner Objective
  • Qualifying for the Cloud Partner Incentive to drive more sales and opportunity.
  • How to Qualify the AWS Partner opportunity for new business opportunities.
  • Fulfilling the Cloud Provider Partner requirements.
  • Using AWS, GCP, Microsoft, and Alibaba Partnership portals to generate new customers.
  • How to attend new customer meetings
  • Developing the required mindset as a consultant
  • Identifying strategic networking events to accelerate your business growth.
  • Applying the POCD (People, Opportunity, Context, Deal) framework
  • Re-imaging your funds for marketing, development, and expansion.
  • Packaging your Business Service to offer a virtual catalog with the right content in the right way.
  • How to provision AWS Accounts using AWS designated 3rd Party for your customer.
  • Folder, File Management, and Organization.
  • Password Management
  • Encryption as a practice and how to encrypt important communication and customer transactions.
  • Getting a virtual Business Phone number
  • Setting up a professional voice-over business call recording
  • Getting an 1800-Number for your business
  • Setting up an affordable legal team for your business
  • Developing your Capability Statement
  • Opening a Business Bank Account - Hack on getting NavyFederal Bank Acct.
  • Starting a secured Business Credit Card
  • Managing Invoice and bookkeeping subscriptions
03/13 - 03/15
  • Hiring cheap Labor Offshore and Nearshore
  • How to grow your Business LinkedIn Profile (Hands-on)
  • European expansion plan (Hands-on Practical)
  • Sourcing business customers in Europe
  • Introduction to Vulnerability Management Consulting
  • Getting the Vulnerability Management Scanner Licenses (Negotiated Deal - Hands-on Practical)
  • Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and ZohoCRM Customer Relationship Management Setup and Development
  • Customer Support system setup (Ticketing System and Services; FreshServices).
  • Working with customers while consulting with them.
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Defining Customer Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Brand Deep Visibility (The Art of being found by a search engine - Blog Content Development).
  • Creating Cloud Security and VTM articles using Artificial Intelligence and Matching your blog post or article with the right stock images.
  • Developing Article strategic article content to stay relevant
  • Exploring for stock images and galleries.
  • Developing Business Emotional Intelligence.
  • Business Emotional Maturity and Integrity.
  • Developing a business case study for your website from AWS Case Studies
  • Developing a Data Migration Plan
  • Developing an Application Migration Plan
  • How to stay hot and relevant in your business and tech game
  • Creating a WikiHow or Knowledge Base Wiki (Intranet) for your business
  • Introduction to Product development (Technology and Retail Products).
  • Introduction to Product and Name Branding (How to create a brand from the ground up).
  • Developing an actual product and moving it to Amazon 
  • Designing a product package
  • How to build your Mobile and Web Application (Hands-on Step-by-Step guide).
  • The process of User Interface and User Experience design (Process of creating a Design for your ideas in Mobile and Web Applications).
  • How to own a mobile and web app for any business.
03/20 - 03/22
  • How to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for any technology idea.
  • How to build a Mobile App Game (Step-by-step guide).
  • Starting a side hustle, turn a custom T-shirt business into a money maker from your bedroom.
  • How to select a product to run with
  • Understanding product shelf life, product reasons, and seasons.
  • Learn how to launch any product idea into life.
  • Understand the difference between Legacy Ideas, emotional and seasonal ideas, and when to work on them.
  • Developing the right Business Mindset
  • Critical Business thinking and strategies.
  • Reviews and wrapping up the class.
  • Reviews and closing remarks
03/27 - 03/29
  • Business reviews

  • Extra help and success checking