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Fresh Start

A New Generation of Computer Experts!

Recognizing that the core Cloudticians Org. courses are advanced and require at least the basic knowledge of IT essentials, we have put together a starter pack to share basic computer skills. This starter pack will bridge the gap between the lack of basic IT Knowledge and our requirements for our cloud-based courses.

This starter pack course is a core part of The Cloudticians Org. program. It solely focuses on ensuring that individuals can perform the primary computer tasks and are well prepared for the next level of our training.

The startup pack curriculum covers the basic use of computers, managing files, word processing, email set-up and usage, creating spreadsheets and presentations, and efficiently search for information online.

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1. Get Started

Start your journey into the world of cloud by getting started with the basics of using a computer system.

2. Understand why you need to have this:

For people who are not exactly familiar with computer software and hardware, this is necessary as it would guarantee a better transition into our other courses.

3. Real-time practices:

Get to practice the things you’ve learned using computer programs like word processing software, spreadsheets, and even email applications. Note: Having these skills are necessary as they come in handy and help you navigate through our advanced courses

4. Get ready for our advanced courses

Now that you have finished your training, it’s time to enroll for our other courses at the Cloudticians.

Start your career on a great note

It is essential to take your growth journey one step at a time, and the Starter Pack program is the first step in the direction of a great IT career. It would take you through the basics of IT and how to use a computer system efficiently. 

What would you learn?

THE CLOUDTICIANS FRESH START (2nd Generation Training)

DATE: May 19th – June 9th 2022

5/19 – 5/22
Computer Basics
Basic Computer Skills
Mouse Tutorial
Typing Tutorial
Computer Science
Web Browsers
Search Internet Better
Use Information Correctly
Using the Web to Get Stuff Done
Online Safety
Internet Safety
Internet Safety for Kids
Computer Information Security
Computer Protection and Control
5/26 – 5/29
Windows OS
Windows Basics
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Mac OS
macOS Basics
Linux OS
Linux Mint Resources
Ubuntu Resources
6/02 – 6/5
File Management
Cloud Folders
Type of Files
Practical use of Files
Microsoft Office Suite
Email/ Social Media
Email Basics
Password Management
Social Media
Interactive Messaging
Video Conferencing and Manners
6/07 - 6/09
Q&A and other stuff.
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Introduction to Cloud Security
Introduction to PCI-DSS career path.