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Global Outreach

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Recognizing how much the impact of community is to the human race, we designed an outreach program that caters specifically to the emerging communities. Our outreach program is a global initiative created to help those in need. Starting out, it kicked off in 5 countries:

This program is crafted under the umbrella of The Cloudticians Org. It is the Non-profit 501c3 approved arm of our larger parent brand – The Cloudticians Inc and The Inc

The outreach program has fed well over 1000 impoverished families. The smile on the face of the families we were fortunate to serve, is one of the reasons we have the drive to keep going and challenging ourselves to do more. It is important to note that everyone is welcome to become a part of our initiative as we continue to strive to do more for those in need in our society.

With over 1,000 families touched across various countries in 3 major continents, we are proud to share some of the amazing memories from our community-focused outreaches with you.

Global Outreach